Something that I have always had a passion for, is helping others create the story of their life’s purpose. Yes, knowing I’ve played a part in your success, “your story,” gives me immense joy and truly gives me a sense of purpose and direction.

I’ve always been a go-getter. You know the type, whenever you talk with them they are engaging in, or finishing one new project or idea. This ability to “make it happen,” has served me well, but I knew there was more.

Coming from a background as a non profit executive, growing and operating large scale organizations with budgets of over 20 million dollars, I’ve learned how to execute the goals and objectives of an organization, scale it, model it and replicate it. However, doing this left a void that was only filled when I was doing the same things in the lives of the people that worked for me, or who were a part of my sphere of influence.

There is a saying that many of you have heard; “It’s lonely at the top.” I say, hogwash! It’s only lonely at the top if you haven’t taken the time to invest in others, and bring them alone side you as you aspired to higher and higher heights. I’ve never been lonely at the top of anything I’ve done, because I was always developing, cultivating, motivating and inspiring the people around me to have more, do more, and be more.

Fast forward to the last 7 years and I found out that not only did I have a passion for helping others align their purpose, but their was a key ingredient that could catapult them to levels that were unattainable on their own.

7 years ago I was introduced to a man name Jesus, and from that time I have found that their is a level of help, or grace that was given to those who know Him, that is a total game changer. It’s called Super Natural Success!

Super Natural Success is the awareness to tap into the power of God, to help you not only align your purpose, because He’s the one who gave it to you, but to also use your spiritual gifts, which we all have, to attain levels of success that can only come from the power of the living God.

After discovering the Super Natural power of God, I created a community of Super Friends, who know that no matter how many abilities they may have, or success they have attained, there is a power that got them there, will maintain them while they are there, and will take them further than they can ever go on their own.

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Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate you taking the time to learn a bit about me, and what I do. Browse my site and learn about the amazing things the men and women of my Super Friends community are doing.